Nguyen Bac Son was honoured for his novel Linh Tang (Tank crew), while Trinh Quang Phu was presented with the prize for his memoir Ky Su Xu Nguoi (Memoir from the guest country).

The Mekong River Literature Prize was first established in 2007 through an initiative suggested by the Writers Association of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The ultimate aim of the awards is to enhance the friendly relations and cooperation between writers whose countries’ borders are shared with the Mekong River.

The award ceremony is held annually, with the six countries taking turns to host the event and at least two of the best writers from each country being chosen to receive an award.

The Mekong River Literature Prize truly represents a symbol of the solidarity and friendship that exists between the literary associations in the region. In addition, it is consistent with the trend of exchanges, cooperation, and dialogue between the various cultures, while also fully unifying all of the countries throughout the Mekong river basin.