According to the notification, Tuyen Lam will officially be bestowed with the title during the Vietnam-India cultural and economic exchange, as well as a ceremony to honor intellectuals, managers, scientists, social activists, entrepreneurs, and businesses in Asia-Pacific. This prestigious event will take place in New Delhi on August 3rd.

Nguyen Quoc Tuyen, Director of the Management Board of the area, shared that Tuyen Lam Lake is the first site in Vietnam to receive this title, and it is the only one in Asia to be honored this time.

The official mentioned that the necessary dossiers to register for the title were submitted to UNESCO in March.

Located 6km south of Da Lat, a renowned tourist destination in Lam Dong, Tuyen Lam Lake boasts a water surface of 350ha. It was formed by Tia stream, the headwater of Da Tam river. The origin of its name remains unclear, but it is likely due to the magnificent natural surroundings – the close coexistence of the stream and the forest. “Tuyen” symbolizes a stream, while “Lam” represents a forest. Tuyen Lam is where water and trees intersect.

The lake and its surroundings boast fresh air, a serene atmosphere, and a diverse natural landscape. It promises to become a major draw for unique tourism experiences such as sightseeing, camping, health retreats, trekking, mountaineering, fishing, visiting revolutionary sites, and various recreational activities, particularly eco-tourism.

Whether viewed from a cable car or from above, Tuyen Lam resembles a miniature ocean, with each oasis on the lake resembling a separate continent. Visitors will feel the vastness between the sky and the water’s surface, discovering a remarkably different side of Da Lat.