Every four years, Bat Trang Pottery Village craftsmen in Hanoi’s Gia Lam District make earthen replicas of the golden World Cup.

The World Cup replicas are finished and prepared for market distribution. Photo: Le Giang/The Hanoi Times 

During the World Cup 2022 tournament that is taking place in Qatar, tens of thousands of World Cup replicas have been made to help people know the feeling of being crowned world champion of football.

The replica is made of silicon the same size as the real one. Photo: Le Giang/The Hanoi Times

The trophy replica is made to the exact measures of the real one. Each replica weighs 0.7-1.2 kilograms. The price ranges from VND70,000 to VND100,000 each (US$2.82-4.02).

After the replica is shaped, the craftsman will spray yellow color on the product. Photo: Nam Nguyen/The Hanoi Times

According to craftsman Vuong Hong Nhat, his family has been making pottery for 17 generations. Nhat and his family started making the first World Cup replicas in 2010, but the product quality was not good back then.

After spraying, further details will be drawn on the product. Photo: Nam Nguyen/The Hanoi Times

By 2014, Nhat figured out the formula to make solid and firm products. His family now produces more than 5,000 replicas. In Bat Trang craft village, only 5-6 families make ceramic World Cup trophies.

Craftsman Vuong Hong Nhat in Bat Trang craft village introduces the World Cup replica. Photo: Le Giang/The Hanoi Times

Finished products are sold in all 64 cities and provinces in Vietnam for export. Most people use replicas as home/office decoration and competition rewards.

The trophy replicas are packaged and ready to be sent to the markets. Photo: Nam Nguyen/The Hanoi Times