Travel blogger inspires youth to seek out the world

“Keep travelling when you are young to enrich your experience, open your eyes and know more people… When you know a lot, don’t hesitate to share your helpful experiences… Then you will be soon considered a travel blogger, an influential person.”


 So goes the advice of Nguyen Thi Than Uy, 25, a popular travel blogger.

She has been widely known through her quality reviews on travelling and cuisine and impressive photo collections among popular food and travel communities in HCM City and Da Lat, her hometown in the central province of Gia Lai.

Besides working as a travel blogger, food reviewer, she has also reviewed cosmetics and clothes, and been active in marketing online services and PR.

Travel blogger inspires youth to seek out the world
The woman has been an active travel blogger on social networks. Photo courtesy of Nguyen Thi Than Uy

Graduating from HCM City Teachers’ Training College, Uy has discovered her favourite field is marketing, which she has studied since the second year in the college.

“I especially like travelling, eating and taking photos as well as sharing my experiences,” she tells Việt Nam News. “After each trip, I spend time writing down my notes at the destination.”

Her name is a favourite of various social groups like Ghiền Đà Lạt (Addicted to Da Lat); Việt Nam Ơi (Oh Vietnam), Ở Nhà Vui Thấy Bà (So Happy at Home) and Review Pleiku Gia Lai.

“My sharing habit started first as I was a student travelling with my friends,” she says. “I posted reviews on my Facebook and groups, and was surprised at receiving warm feedback.

“I was also lucky to be invited to restaurants and destinations in various regions to write reviews. That’s how people know who I am now.”

Travel blogger inspires youth to seek out the world
She likes travelling and sharing her special experiences. Photo courtesy of Nguyen Thi Than Uy

Uy says writing travel reviews has offered her chances to not only reach fresh regions from the northern province of Ha Giang to Ca Mau Cape, the southern most part of the country, but also learn useful tips and lessons.

“The love for travelling helps me be more active and energetic to spread worthy values to the community,” she says.

Uy likes to explore beauty of her hometown Gia Lai.

“I have been to many popular destinations throughout the country. Yet I like my homeland most. Though the services are limited here, the pristine natural landscapes give me pride to tell my friends on social networks.”

Whenever she returns home she takes the time to take photos of local wild flowers on volcano Chu Dang Ya and posts them on social networks.

“I believe my homeland is as beautiful as other destinations in Vietnam,” she says.

Uy has always paid attention to photos, especially of her outfits, when she goes on trips.

Travel blogger inspires youth to seek out the world
Uy in a food review working session. Photo courtesy of Nguyen Thi Than Uy

“I’m actually rather short,” she says. “I eat a lot to write reviews. So I apply tips on combining costumes to hide my body disadvantages,” she says.

She often chooses simple colours, no big-sized clothes, and dresses with a high waist to make her legs look longer.


“You should prepare eye-catching clothes for photos at a beautiful landscape as a way to show your respect to yourself and to audience,” she says.

One of her most memorable trips was when she visited Da Lat with her team.

“We camped on Da Phu Hill overnight to capture scene of clouds in early morning,” she says.

“I slept in the same tent with two couples. I tried to show them I was fine but deep inside me there was loneliness.”

Uy advises people to plan in detail before each trip.

 “First, you should save money and arrange your work to choose the most convenient time to travel, which should be the best season to visit that destination,” she says.

“You should go with someone who can take good photos. Don’t forget necessary medicine.”

After each trip, Uy feels happy yet exhausted.

“Happy as I have fresh experience and been warmly welcomed by hosts,” she says.

“We are often exhausted as we have to use up time to take photos, and make clips despite the harsh weather, to produce the best quality reviews, photos and videos.”

Uy has stayed in her hometown for the last two months due to the coronavirus pandemic, during which time she has written reviews on local destinations and food.

Uy says Gia Lai possesses great tourism potential, with scenic landscapes, special food and warm-hearted people. Her reviews of her homeland have received much feedback.

“The pandemic affects everyone not only me,” she says. “But I keep in high spirits to enjoy the time at home with my family.”

Travel blogger inspires youth to seek out the world
Uy (left) and her parents on a trip to Da Lat City. Photo courtesy of Nguyen Thi Than Uy

Uy has often joined charity work to help needy people in remote areas. During Tet (Lunar New Year), when her homeland was a pandemic hotspot and her local hospital was isolated, she helped raise VND60 million (US$2,600) for local people in need.

She has also joined local authorities and pagodas to send vegetables, cereals and other food to lock-downed areas in HCM City.

“I want to help as many people as I can,” she says. “I just need my parents to support and understand me as they have been doing. That’s enough for me to concentrate on my tasks.”

Source: Vietnam News