A new feature in this approved plan is the confirmation of the archaeological site dedicated to Tran Dynasty (1225-1400) with an area of 76.54 hectares in Hong Minh Commune, Hung Ha District, which is about 10 km far from Tran Temple.

The planning aimed to study, supplement and clarify the historical, cultural, architectural and artistic values of the Special National Relic Site as well as related archaeological sites in Hung Ha District.

In addition, the preservation and restoration of the relic will also contribute to further highlighting the role of Tran Dynasty in the development of the nation’s history.

The roof tiles belonging to the Tran Dynasty were unearthed at the archaeological site of Hong Minh Commune, Hung Ha District. (Photo via NDO)

This is considered an important work to connect the relic sites dedicated to Tran Dynasty in Thai Binh with other surrounding famous landscapes to form a chain of diverse tourism products, thus contributing to the socio-economic development of Hung Ha District and Thai Binh Province.

Within the approval, the PM requested for the research of the archaeological site in Hong Minh Commune and neighbouring localities in order to clarify the historical, cultural and spatial relationship between this site and the tombs and temple of Tran Kings in Tien Duc Commune as well as the role of these relics in the system of relic sites dedicated to Tran Dynasty around the country, including those in Ninh Binh Province and Nam Dinh Province.