Tourism trends in Vietnam after the Covid-19 pandemic revealed

As many as 60% of Vietnamese anticipate restriction-free domestic travel within six months, while only 40% expect international travel to be reopened, according to newly a released survey by Agoda.


The survey, called ‘Return to Travel’, was conducted online with more than 1,103 Vietnamese adults from July 15 to 19.

According to the survey, beach and nature-centric travel spots are set to benefit from the lifting of travel restrictions in the country. Chilling at the beach or in nature pipped spending quality time with the family to the top spot for the main purpose to travel again. To enjoy the convenience of city life and savouring some good food are 3rd and 4th respectively.

Vietnamese post-social distancing travel intentions were polled among respondents across the country, with four in 10 ready and willing to travel within four months of lockdowns lifting.

Tourism trends in Vietnam after the Covid-19 pandemic revealed
Beach is one of the top destinations after the pandemic. Photo: Agoda

About 14 percent of travelers expect to head off on their next voyage within the first month of the removal of restrictions, with five percent saying that they can’t wait to get the bags packed and get out the door immediately thereafter.

Over a quarter said they will only wait 2-4 months for the pandemic dust-to-settle, while 16% have said that they plan to wait until vaccination rates reach 80% and the nation hits herd immunity before they will book their next getaway.


Key motivators to travel domestically in the future: #1 Special value-add offers, #2 Local travel deals and #3 Cash back and loyalty incentives

Appealing deals and packages seem to be the primary motivator for travelers to get back on the road, with 37% of respondents citing appealing special offers that include either F&B, spa or excursion value-adds, and a further 25% saying great local travel deals will help unlock the key to their next vacation. Flexible booking terms ranked as the third incentive, reflecting that respondents are conscious of the way in which the past year has upended previous itineraries.

Women are more motivated to make travel decisions by special accommodation offers including add on booking features like F&B, spa and room tier upgrades at 42%, compared to men at 33%.

Close to a third of respondents highlighted a desire to get back to nature or chill at the beach with their next trip, possibly as a direct result of being homebodies in the big cities for three months. ‘Quality time with family’ took second spot as a key purpose for respondents’ next trip, with the social distancing period meaning that it has been a long time between visits for family members in other cities, provinces or regions.

Le Ha