A Polish couple handed a thank-you letter to medical staff at a Hoi An quarantine zone in Quang Nam Province. Having resorted to Google translate, the couple handwrote the letter themselves in Vietnamese, expressing their sincere thoughts and gratitude towards the Vietnamese government in general, and Hoi An Beach resort quarantine zone’s medical staff in particular.

In the letter, the Polish visitors stressed that Vietnam is a country of wonderful people and beautiful hearts, and said they are committed to return Vietnam one day to complete their journey.

“Once again, a million thanks for the care you’ve given us during this extremely difficult time fighting against the novel coronavirus. Vietnam will forever stay in our hearts,” they concluded.

After two weeks under quarantine in Thua Thien – Hue Province, a group of 34 international visitors expressed their appreciation for the considerate care and support they had received during their stay in the isolation area. Several French tourists left letters conveying their touching thoughts about the warm welcome and sharing of the Vietnamese people, and reiterated that they will soon return Vietnam.

Another group of 29 foreign tourists who had to undergo 14-day medical isolation at Vanda Hotel in Da Nang also highly valued the responsibly of the hotel staff and local functional forces during their quarantine time.

A Chinese tourist, a member of the group, said that he had received enthusiastic attention and care over the past two weeks, which is more valuable than any trip he has ever taken. A small birthday party was held for one of the tourists, which was a touching moment for all the group’s members. “Vietnam’s image is now even more beautiful in our eyes,” he asserted.

In late February, a Chinese man and his son sent a letter to extend their gratitude toward the Vietnamese doctors at Cho Ray hospital in Ho Chi Minh City who played a significant part in their recovery from COVID-19.

“It was the Vietnamese doctors and nurses who treated us with all of their hearts. We understand that it was your kindness that saved us and we will remember that forever. We will return to beautiful Vietnam again at an appropriate time in the future and return to Cho Ray to express our most sincere thanks", the son wrote in his letter.

It is obvious that the entire political system from the central to grassroot levels, and those who are working in the frontline to fight against COVID-19, including doctors, medical staffs and soldiers, as well as those working in the tourist sector have been exerting every effort to popularise Vietnam as a friendly and safe country.

The considerate support and hospitality of Vietnamese locals, medical workers and functional agencies have left unforgettable impressions on foreign tourists. The tourists’ warm sentiments for Vietnam are the most effective channel to promote the country’s tourism.

It can be said that Vietnam has built an attractive “tourist product” for foreign visitors, formed by the kindness, care and sincerity of the Vietnamese people.