The project aims to honour the cultural beauty of Ao Dai in Hue as well as praise the founders and developers of the traditional long dress in the history of national formation and development.

The provincial People’s Committee assigned the cultural sector to coordinate with relevant agencies to enhance studies, orient solutions, and organise cultural and arts events and community-based programmes to build the brand of “Hue – The capital of Vietnamese Ao Dai”.

The project has set out many specific goals such as the encouragement of gradually developing Hue’s Ao Dai into a traditional dress for cultural exchanges, ritual activities, and traditional festivals; and the organisation of Hue Ao Dai Festival as a biennial series of community cultural events.

A show of Ao Dai at Hue Ao Dai Festival. (Photo: Thua Thien – Hue Provincial Department of Culture and Sports)

In addition, the project focuses on training and developing artisans and tailors specialising in Ao Dai as well as the investment in infrastructure to form spaces for displaying Ao Dai and tailor shops to serve tourists.

Accordingly, Ao Dai will become a typical tourist product and special souvenir for visitors.