Ho Chi Minh Highway blocked by a landslide

On October 21, Dang Trong Van, chairman of Huong Hoa District People’s Committee, said due to heavy rain and flooding, four communes in the area are isolated. Huong Viet and Huong Lap communes are the most severe cases as there is no communication or transportation.

Three people have been missing after going to farm on October 17. It is suspected that they were buried in a landslide. However, due to lack of personnel, the missing people have not yet been searched for. Both the chairman of Huong Viet People’s Committee and the party secretary of Huong Viet Commune were injured while searching for the missing people and need to be transferred to a district-level hospital.

“I asked the authorities of Quang Tri People’s Committee to send help to clear the roads to access the isolated communes so that we could send food and other necessities,” Van said.

Helicopters have been mentioned in the plan to support isolated communes, however, because of bad weather, this plan is still infeasible.

As of October 21, 34 people have died, 29 of them died in the landslides caused by heavy rains and flooding in Huong Hoa District.

This article was originally published in Dtinews