The Vietnamese Association in France, led by Vuong Huu Nhan, organized a unique event with a literary theme. Nhan, the chairman, highlighted their goal of showcasing Vietnamese authors who have the remarkable ability to write in their native language as well as in French and other languages.

“We aim to demonstrate that regardless of their nationality, these authors find inspiration in Vietnam,” Nhan said. The event featured book stalls at the square’s center, displaying an array of Vietnamese and French storybooks that captivated many tourists.

Nearly 100 booths offered a diverse range of products, including Vietnamese cuisine, handicrafts, books, newspapers, and images. Each item on display celebrated and promoted the rich culture of Vietnam.

Dinh Toan Thang, the Vietnamese Ambassador to France, expressed his appreciation for the Ici Vietnam Festival, noting its popularity among both the Vietnamese diaspora and French tourists. He also emphasized how the event successfully showcased the unique aspects of Vietnamese cuisine and culture to an international audience.

This year marks the fourth edition of the Ici Vietnam Festival in France, attracting over 5,000 visitors, including Vietnamese expatriates and French attendees, who all gathered to celebrate and explore the richness of Vietnam’s cultural offerings.

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