The vibrant Vietnamese Christian community, boasting an impressive seven million followers, is the fifth most populous in Asia. As such, Christmas is an indispensable holiday for them, celebrated with enthusiasm and joy.

However, over the last few decades due to economic development and the impact of Western culture, the holiday is no longer celebrated exclusively by Christians, but also by non-believers.

The Christmas atmosphere first hit the streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in late November, with many shops choosing to adorn their spaces with festive decorations, such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus figures, bells, and twinkling lights. The display of these festive elements created a unique and captivating atmosphere that helped to spread the holiday cheer.

Xmas outfits for children are one of the best-selling items during the festive season. With a wide array of styles, designs, and colors available, there’s something to suit every child’s unique taste. Whether it’s a classic red and green Santa outfit or a more modern ensemble, these items will bring joy to any little one during the holidays.

The gift-giving tradition during the festive season has been adapted for non-believers for the last few decades. During this special time of year, people of all backgrounds and beliefs can get together to give and receive meaningful presents. Whether it’s exchanging Secret Santa gifts at work or buying something special for a loved one, the act of giving is an expression of love and appreciation. For non-believers, the traditional religious connotations associated with gift-giving can be replaced with other meaningful symbols that spread cheer and joy. Christmas trees, decorations, and cards are all great ways to show someone that you care.

No matter who you are exchanging gifts with, the act of giving and receiving is a great way to create memories and build relationships. So, this festive season, let’s come together and spread the joy of gift-giving!

Days before Christmas, it’s common to see motorbike-taxi drivers dressed up as Santa Claus, delivering gifts to children with the help of their parents’ generosity.

For Christians, Xmas Eve is an essential tradition that is best celebrated in a church. By attending a church service, they can connect with the season’s spiritual significance and share in its joy with fellow believers. From singing carols to hearing a sermon, these special services create an atmosphere of peace and celebration that make the holiday truly memorable.

During December, decorations were set up featuring a large nativity scene with life-sized statues of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, shepherds, and animals sourced from some of the most prominent churches, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City and St. Joseph Cathedral in Hanoi.

On this special occasion, churches across the nation often receive a large influx of visitors. The streets and houses are also adorned with beautiful, twinkling lights, adding a festive atmosphere to the towns and cities.