The majestic Putaleng

The Putaleng Peak in Tam Duong District, Lai Chau Province, is named among the top-three roofs of Indochina. Its height is 3,049 meters, after only the Fasipan Peak (3,143 meters) and the Pusilung Peak (3,083 meters). The peak boasts sea of clouds and flowers blooming all year round. On the way to the peak, travelers will be enchanted by vast primary forests with age-old trees, do quyen (Rhododendron) flowers and maple trees.

Sea of clouds on the Putaleng Peak – PHOTOS: HAI DUONG & PAO GIANG
A Mong ethnic people’s village at the foot of Putaleng
A corner of a vast primary forest along the path leading to the peak
Trekkers are on their way to conquering the Putaleng Peak
A rocky stream along the path
A traveler poses for a photo with pink do quyen flowers in full bloom