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Marking its third iteration since 2020, the festival returns to the country with a diverse lineup of Japanese cinema.

As per the organizers, the film festival will showcase 21 feature films and two TV series. The lineup includes titles such as KIBA: The Fangs of Fiction, directed by Yoshida Daihachi, Karakasa by Yamamoto Kenji, and Wedding High by Ohku Akiko, among others. These films encompass a range of genres, from comedy and musical to drama, romance, animation, and documentary.

What’s more, all these films will be available to stream for free, with subtitles in up to 16 languages, across 27 countries and regions. This provides a unique opportunity for audiences worldwide to immerse themselves in Japanese cinema.

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The Japan Foundation, through the JFF project, aims to bring the magic of Japanese filmmaking to international audiences. With the catchy slogan, ‘Japanese Film Anytime, Anywhere’, they invite viewers to explore not just the films but also a glimpse into Japan’s rich history, culture, and lifestyle.