The Vietnamese business community in Osaka came together on the morning of May 17 to kick off the event. Later that day, a program introducing the traditional musical instruments of Vietnam and Japan was held at the Hilton Osaka Hotel.

A music gala is set to be the highlight of the Ho Chi Minh City Days in Osaka on May 18, featuring a range of cultural and artistic performances.

Artists from Ho Chi Minh City will showcase their talents, including traditional music performances and an Ao Dai fashion show by renowned local designers Vo Viet Chung and Trung Dinh. The event will also feature a variety of cultural and arts activities.

The Ho Chi Minh City Days in Osaka, taking place from May 17 to May 19, celebrates the friendly relations between the city of Ho Chi Minh and the Japanese prefecture of Osaka. It also marks the 51st anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan.

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