Once upon a time, Canada-based Flight Network, a travel company, ranked Kem Beach among the globe’s 50 most stunning beaches.

Kem Beach boasts a yearly average of 154 sunny days and a pleasant average temperature of 23°C.

From an aerial perspective, the beach forms a majestic crescent, nestled between the azure sea and lush green hills.

Beyond relaxing in the shade of the nearby coconut trees, Kem Beach offers a range of activities, including volleyball, kayaking, swimming, parasailing, and canoeing.

The beach is surrounded by a diverse selection of restaurants, many operating from morning till night. 

“I was truly amazed when I first set foot on Kem Beach. It was breathtaking,” exclaimed Charlie, a traveler from Canada.

“The combination of sun, wind, fine sand, clean water, and the palm trees lining the beach creates an absolutely perfect setting.”

Local visitors, such as Phuong Trang from Hanoi, echo similar sentiments, expressing how the beach fills them with a sense of tranquility.

A bird’s-eye view of the stunning Kem Beach.
The allure of Kem Beach: pristine sand and glorious sunlight.