But whatever your level of experience, and whatever your preference, Vietnam has plenty to offer. In this guide, we pick out five of the best casino establishments in the country.

Gambling in Vietnam

It’s important to bear in mind that – as everywhere – there are certain rules surrounding gambling in Vietnam. Namely, you may only gamble in the county’s casinos if you are in possession of an overseas passport and able to prove that your monthly income exceeds $450.

It’s just as important to rubber-stamp your eligibility before making a booking, if you are intent on visiting one of these establishments in order to know everything goes smoothly, so spend some time covering off these aspects and make sure you have everything in place.

It’s also handy to get some practice in online and familiarize yourself with the different types of games out there before you travel – some, such as pai gow and pai gow poker, aren’t played as often in bricks-and-mortar casinos in the West but are still very popular in Asia. Once you’ve made your booking and got everything in place for your trip, you can explore table games you may be unfamiliar with as well as take advantage of the sign-up offers available to new players and celebrate with Virgin Casino to get in the mood for your vacation while preparing for your visit to the following land-based establishments.

Palazzo Club Casino

The first casino on our list is The Palazzo Club Casino. The Palazzo is set across more than 40,000 square feet and features other facilities including a spa, swimming pool and a selection of enticing restaurants. The casino itself features a range of games, including poker, roulette and no shortage of slots, making it an evergreen favorite with visitors.

Caesar Palace Casino
Home to more than 170 table games and 1,300 gaming machines, the Caesar Palace Casino has been described by visitors as lavish and exquisite. This casino is home to some of the most popular games, alongside more rare finds like Caribbean stud and pai gow poker for more adventurous players.

Source: Pexels

Doson Casino Resort

This is another Vietnamese casino that offers a decadent environment that is a huge favorite with tourists. Spread across 16,000 square feet, the establishment offers games like backgammon and baccarat alongside more popular staples, while the facility also features amenities including a massage room and fitness center.

Club Vegas Casino

One of Vietnam’s oldest casinos, Club Vegas Casino at the Caravelle Saigon resort is modelled after the famous city of the same name. Featuring a bright neon façade, the complex features a salon and drinks lounge, including a champagne corner, while the games themselves are high-end, making it another popular choice for tourists.

Charlie One Casino Club

The gaming arcade machines of the Charlie One make this casino a hit with visitors, while its lavishly decorated interior helps deliver a glamorous experience, whatever your gambling tastes. Charlie One also features a spectacular open-air restaurant where you can enjoy wonderful local cuisine a stone’s throw from the card tables.

These are five of our favorite casinos in Vietnam and each offers its own glamorous escape from the monotony of daily life. And whether it’s a dedicated casino experience or a getaway that offers a broader range of leisure options, you’re sure to find something to your tastes.

By Evelina Popova​/ The opinions expressed here are her own.