An art performance titled “The Essence of Chem Temple” is featured at the Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2023, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Red River Delta.

For centuries, Chem Temple has held a sacred place in the hearts of the people from three villages: Hoang, Mac, and Chem. Dedicated to Saint Chem, the temple has been a witness to the eventful history and civilization of the communities residing near the Red River.

“The Essence of Chem Temple” brings to life the architectural legacy of the capital and the Red River through an immersive performance.

Set on a stage beside the Red River, the performance incorporates various traditional arts, including Hanoi Xam (music performed by blind buskers), the Xoe dance of the Thai ethnic minority, Quan ho folk songs from Bac Ninh province, and Muong folk songs.

Ms. Le Thi Thu Huong, Vice Chairwoman of Bac Tu Liem district’s People’s Committee, emphasized the uniqueness of the production.

“We have established two stages that seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary music of Hanoi. There is a harmonious connection between the modern stage and the traditional stage,” stated Huong.

The performance instills a sense of pride and love for the country in the audience. “This remarkable show evokes a profound sense of pride in Vietnam’s cultural heritage. We encourage the government and people to continue their collaborative efforts in preserving and promoting these invaluable treasures,” expressed a spectator.

“Chem Temple holds great historical significance as a prominent relic in Hanoi. As a local resident, I aspire to establish Chem Temple as a must-visit destination for tourists. We have always instilled the importance of preserving the temple’s values in our children,” shared another audience member.