The brilliant fields of yellow daisies

Nghia Trai village (Tan Quang commune, Van Lam district, Hung Yen province) these days, are embraced in yellow hues of blooming daisy fields in the winter sun.


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From mid-December, when cold winds blow over all the northern provinces, it comes the season of yellow daisies blooming in the land of Nghia Trai. (Photo: An ninh Thu do)
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In this season, if going about 30km from Hanoi, along Highway 5 to Nhu Quynh town (Hung Yen), visitors will find vast fields of yellow flowers blooming. (Photo: An ninh Thu do)
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Yellow daisies are loved for their beauty and health benefits. The flowers are mostly used in herbal tea, which helps reduce stress. (Photo: An ninh Thu Do)
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The flowers bloom on the sunniest days of autumn. These are also the days when local people come to harvest the flowers. (Photo: An ninh Thu do)
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Each blooming and harvesting season last for 2-3 weeks. (Photo: An ninh Thu do)
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The small, beautiful flowers in the size of a fingertip shimmering in winter sun rays. (Photo: An ninh Thu Do)
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In the blooming season of yellow daisies, many families come here to take photos. (Photo: An ninh Thu do)
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Due to its health benefits, such as detoxifying, reducing stress and body heat, yellow daisies once used and loved by Vietnam’s kings. (Photo: An ninh Thu do)
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After being harvested, the flowers are made into herbal tea or herbal medicines. (Photo: An ninh Thu do)
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If visiting Nghia Trai these days, visitors often catch sight of local farmers working on the fields of yellow daisies. (Photo: An ninh Thu do)
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Yellow daisies have thin stems and ball-shaped flowers. (Photo: An ninh Thu do)
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According to local farmers, yellow daisies reach their best quality in the middle of the blooming season, when there is no bud left unbloom. (Photo: An ninh thu do)
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It is estimated that each perch of yellow daisies can produce about 450kg of fresh flowers, equivalent to 70kg of dried flowers. (Photo: An ninh Thu Do)
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The profession of harvesting yellow daisies brings a good income to people here. (Photo: An ninh Thu do)