Embracing Technology: A Collaborative Effort to Preserve Vietnam’s Cultural Heritage

In a pioneering initiative, the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre has joined forces with Phygital Labs to digitally transform 10 precious artifacts from the Nguyen Dynasty, housed within the Hue Royal Antiquities Museum. This collaboration has given birth to the country’s first metaverse cultural exhibition, seamlessly fusing the physical with the virtual through Apple Vision Pro technology.

The Hue Monuments Conservation Centre, alongside the Thua Thien Hue Centre for Information Technology, is at the forefront of integrating technology into cultural heritage management. This project, in particular, aims to revolutionize the way people engage with historical artifacts.

A select group of 10 Nguyen Dynasty artifacts has been equipped with NFC chips and Phygital Labs’ cutting-edge Nomion technology. With a simple tap of their smartphones, visitors can unlock a treasure trove of information and immersive experiences. Static displays are a thing of the past as these chips offer multidimensional interactions, providing detailed historical contexts, origins, cultural insights, and even 3D visualizations.

The benefits of this project extend beyond mere interactivity. Nomion technology surpasses traditional QR codes by employing encryption to secure data and prevent counterfeiting. This ensures a one-of-a-kind, secure link between each physical artifact and its digital twin.

Furthermore, Blockchain technology is utilized to verify ownership of the digital versions, transforming these real-world artifacts into valuable digital assets.

The artifacts chosen for this initiative provide a captivating glimpse into the Nguyen Dynasty. Among them are a throne, a palanquin, royal slippers, decorative golden branches with jade leaves, and a traditional Chinese board game set called xiangqi.

Phygital Labs, driven by a passion to promote Vietnamese culture on a global scale and unlock the potential of the digital heritage economy, has created the first metaverse cultural exhibition space at museehue.vn. This immersive platform enables users to explore the artifacts in a stunning 360-degree digital environment, transporting them back in time to experience the rich history and culture of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The exhibition’s integration with Apple Vision Pro harnesses the latest advancements in Extended Reality (XR) technology from Apple and Meta. This opens up exciting possibilities for the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and Phygital Labs to offer metaverse museum tours, showcasing Vietnam’s cultural wealth to a worldwide audience, especially the over 20 million users of Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest devices.

The Hue Monuments Conservation Centre is dedicated to expanding its digital initiatives. By scanning and photographing artifacts, they aim to create digital museums based on specific topics and time periods. This will allow global audiences to virtually experience these artifacts in a way that replicates an in-person museum visit, complete with carefully curated layouts, color schemes, and immersive sound effects.

“The digital exhibition’s immersive nature presents a unique opportunity to monetize a digital audience hungry for engaging cultural and historical content,” said Nam Do, Director of Technology at Phygital Labs. “We believe in the potential of selling tour tickets and certified replica artifacts, not just to promote global cultural appreciation but also to contribute to the growth of Vietnam’s cultural industry.”

This groundbreaking collaboration between the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and Phygital Labs showcases how innovative technology can be harnessed to protect and share cultural heritage, paving the way for a new digital economy model within the cultural sector.

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