The event is part of activities to mark the 92nd founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (1930-2022) along with the 75th anniversary of Uncle Ho’s first visit to Thanh Hoa (1947-2022).

The exhibition displays nearly 350 documentary photos, divided into two part. In which, the first part, with the theme "Uncle Ho and the people of Thanh Hoa Province", introduces more than 50 precious documentary photos from Uncle Ho’s four visits to Thanh Hoa in 1947, 1957, 1960 and 1961.

Meanwhile, the second part themed "Thanh Hoa following Uncle Ho’s teachings" introduces nearly 300 photos of outstanding achievements that the Communist Party, government, army and people of ethnic groups in Thanh Hoa Province, especially in Dong Son District, have achieved over the 75 years of implementing Uncle Ho’s teaching "Thanh Hoa Province must become a model province".

The exhibition runs through the Lunar New Year.

Offering incense in memory of senior Communist Party members.

Also on this occasion, the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee and Fatherland Front of Dong Son district organised an incense offering ceremony to commemorate senior Communist Party members at Ham Ha Relic, the place where the Thanh Hoa Province’s first Party cell was founded and operated.