The designer wanted to pay homage to the two sisters Trung, named “Hai Ba Trung”, two Vietnamese heroines from the first century who repelled Chinese attacks for three years.

The Swiss watchmaker has created a Westminster flying tourbillon minute repeater called “Hai Ba Trung”, which is provided with four jaquemart automatons depicting the legendary Vietnamese general, Hai Ba Trung.

André Martinez’s entirely handcrafted miniature painting has been included in Christophe Claret’s new Legend unique piece collection.

The Westminster minute repeater mechanism allows watch wearers to enjoy a musical tune when the quarters ring. The tune is composed of three different ringtones, including C D E G, G D E C, and E G D C. This remarkable sound was created through a collaboration between Claret and a virtuoso violinist, ensuring that the notes have the best possible quality.

The model’s price is estimated to be between US$714,000 and US$747,000, equivalent to more than VND15 billion.

In 2021, Swiss watchmaker Claret unveiled a new collection to honor famous historical figures from around the world. Recently, the company released images and details about the special-edition watches.

The Trung sistersTrung Trac and Trung Nhi – were Vietnamese military leaders who ruled for three years after rebelling in AD 40 against Chinese attacks. They are regarded as national heroines and are referred to as “Hai Ba Trung”.