Noboru Kaneko, 49, is a renowned Japanese actor who is affiliated with Oscar Promotion. He has starred in an impressive 11 dramas and eight movies, with his most iconic role being that of superhero Gao Red in “Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger” produced in 2001 and 2002. His outstanding performance has earned him immense acclaim from Asian audiences, particularly from Vietnamese people.

The organizers will host a special fan meeting with Noboru Kaneko, giving fans the opportunity to get an intimate experience with the esteemed Japanese artist.

Manga Comic Con Vietnam 2023 is set to draw the participation of numerous celebrities from the local and international entertainment industry. With an estimated 40,000 attendees, this event is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Fans will have the opportunity to meet their favorite stars, purchase exclusive merchandise, and be among the first to check out upcoming releases. Furthermore, the convention will feature a variety of activities, such as panel discussions, cosplay competitions, and art exhibits. Whether you’re a manga enthusiast, a fan of comics, or just looking for something fun to do, Manga Comic Con Vietnam 2023 is the perfect event for you!

The festival will provide opportunities for fans to engage in meaningful conversations and interact with characters from comics, cartoons, and science fiction from around the world.

It aims to promote the growth of the entertainment industry in Vietnam, while also creating international connections with countries like Japan and South Korea. Through collaboration, the industry can benefit from the exchange of knowledge, resources, and technology. By doing so, it can become a world-renowned hub for entertainment and cultural expression.