Dang To Nga in Hanoi said her daughter is interested in books about animals of the Nuts Cracker bookshelf – a group of translators who are passionate about literature and children. Nga’s daughter loves the books so much that she always put them in a locked cabinet whenever she is out.

Another dad said his kid used to really hate pets but the love for animal has grown up on him since she started reading books of the Nuts Cracker bookshelf. The kid even asked for permission to raise squirrel, fox, bear, and horse at home to realize her dream of turning her house into a mini zoo.

Dang Viet Van Ha, one of translators of the Nuts Cracker bookshelf, credited her son’s reading hobby and interest in animals as a source of encouragement for her to translate good books for kids.

Ha said, “My son started to read books since he was very little. He really loves books of the Nuts Cracker bookshelf which are all about animals. He asked lots of questions about things he read but didn’t understand.”  

The Nuts Cracker bookshelf spreads a message of the most innocent friendship on earth: the bond between children and animals. The animals, also the characters, in the Nuts Cracker’s books are made as close to children as their family members with a sweet, unconditional love.

“Animals are amazing. They can climb up, crawl around a tree, or change their colors.” This is a comment from a young reader on the Nuts Cracker’s books. “I read so many books. I happen to find myself better at literal assignments,” said another young girl.

Translator Vu Danh Tuan of the Nuts Cracker bookshelf loved books about animals and adventures the most when he was a kid, the kind of books which were really hard to find available on the market. This has inspired him to translate books about animals for children.

Some best-sellers translated by Tuan and released by the Nuts Cracker bookshelf include: Lad, A Dog; Lassie Come-Home; Bannertail: The Story Of A Gray Squirrel; Pussy Black Face; and Smoky the Cowhorse.

Translator Tuan noted, “Almost all children love books about animals, which teach them life lesson such as respecting the elderly. They learn such lessons naturally from real-life situations.”

With booming technology offering abundant choices of appealing entertainment activities, it’s not always easy for books to win the children’s hearts. But easy come easy go. Once children engage in reading, books will grow up with them and create beautiful memories.

Parents with little kids, who are unable to read themselves, can reach out to a 12-book series “The breeze from the green fields”, when stories come together with colorful pictures to draw their attention.

Other new releases, such as “The Melendy Quartet” which tell about four siblings growing up all together and “Chester Cricket and his friends” which honors friendship, have been ordered by thousands of parents all over Vietnam.