Equipped with foreign languages and basic knowledge about the tourist attractions and relic sites as well as communication skills, the club’s members have actively introduced and provided visitors information about the cultural and historical values of the destinations.

With the ability to speak English and French fluently, Vu Hoang Long, a student from Department of History under the University of Social Sciences and Humanities has joined the promotion of culture and history at the National History Museum over the past few years. In addition to his support of the museum’s management board, Long has enthusiastically shared his knowledge and interesting information about the land, history, culture and people of Vietnam through the images, documents and artefacts displayed at the museum, contributing to helping visitors have an overview of the nation’s national history.

Student Vu Thi Linh from the Department of Southeast Asia Studies, who can speak both English and Thai, has joined activities to escort visitors around the Temple of Literature with helpful information. She mastered the knowledge of the historyand unique architecture of this special relic site as well as thoroughly grasping the education of others about Vietnam in the past. The information about the organisation of examinations in feudal dynasties, which was introduced by Linh, has made visitors extremely surprised and interested. They can thereby know more about the values of Vietnam’s first university.

The Cultural – Historical Promotion Club has a large number of members equipped with high level skills and foreign language abilities. Agility, friendliness and enthusiasm are common characteristics of the volunteers in yellow uniforms. They are always present at the relic sites to promptly support and guide tourists. Besides the basic knowledge on the culture and history they have learnt in the school, the students find out more information via the internet and social networks. In addition, they exchange and help each other improve both their knowledge and skills. They have also been supported by their teachers and managers of the destinations. The volunteeractivities not only are a playground for students to apply their knowledge into reality but also offer opportunities for them to improve their skills and contribute to preserving and promoting the values of national historical relic sites to all people.

Head of the Cultural – Historical Promotion Club Ngo Quang Minh said the club’s goal is to spread and promote cultural and historical values to both international and domestic visitors. The knowledge that students have learnt in their schools has been applied to reality and the activities can help them improve both their confidence and foreign language abilities.

After the social distancing orders in Covid-19 prevention and order were eased, tourist attractions and relic sites reopened and the groups of volunteers continue to appear weekly to support domestic tourists.