During his opening remarks, Vietnamese Ambassador Duong Hai Hung expressed his deep emotions upon visiting Genoa port to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the departure of the Australe ship. Under the command of Captain Luciano Sossai, the ship carried essential supplies such as food, clothing, medicine, and even 8,000 bottles of blood as it set sail towards Vietnam’s Hai Phong port.

Cinzia Teresa Torraco, the Prefect of Genoa, emphasized the significance of the exhibition in reviving the memories of a humanitarian ship departing from Genoa to bring aid to Vietnam. It is a testament to the enduring solidarity and friendship between the two nations.

The exhibition showcases various documents, including those related to the Australe ship’s journey to Hai Phong port in 1973. It also highlights the “Vietnam Week” held from January 6-13, 1973, and the international protest against the war on May 12, 1973, in Milan. These historic artifacts provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the longstanding friendship between Vietnam and Italy.

Additionally, this year’s exhibition features captivating photos depicting the beauty of Vietnam’s landscapes, its people, and its remarkable accomplishments. It also celebrates the country’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.