The documentary zoomed in on the Vietnamese community in Brussels and showcases the fusion of cultures through various stories. These stories include a French artist who practices calligraphy in Vietnamese, Vietnamese-Belgian families celebrating Lunar New Year 2024, and Vietnamese-Belgian youths eager to explore Vietnamese culture.

One segment of the documentary focuses on Maria Truong, a Danish-born woman who moved to Brussels for her career. Maria currently works at the Belgian-Vietnamese Alliance where she facilitates partnerships between the two countries, organizing conferences and assisting businesses in establishing cooperation and investment opportunities.

Maria’s story exemplifies the diversity within the Vietnamese community in Belgium and illustrates the intertwining of cultures in modern life.

The video also features the poetry of Nhu Quynh de Prelle, an independent writer and artist based in Brussels. In addition to discussing culture and art, the conversation with Quynh delves into the topic of sustainable development in society.

The video introduces Nénuphar, one of Brussels’ oldest Vietnamese restaurants, which is a popular destination for Vietnamese food enthusiasts and an essential component of the city’s culinary diversity.