The one-sample set has been designed by painter Pham Quang Dieu, with the main colour being UPU’s blue, the number 50 representing 50 years of the journey of the UPU International Letter Writing Contest, associated with the UPU logo and the image of a globe with five colours symbolising the five continents always connected and actively participating in the contest. The background of the stamp features an image of envelopes, excerpts of the letter’s content with the image of a smooth hand writing each stroke.

The stamp measures 37x37mm and is printed in VND4,000 denominations which will be available in the postal network from October 9, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

The first international letter writing competition was organised by UPU in 1971. It is a competition for composing literary works in the form of letters annually held for teenagers under 16 years of age worldwide by the Universal Postal Union in collaboration with UNESCO and some UN specialised organisations.

Beyond the framework of a writing competition and composing ordinary literary works, the UPU International Letter Writing contest has become a highly social activity, attracting a large number of pupils towards practical, good-natured activity, a very effective education for children. During the more than 30 years of the contest, Vietnam has won two First prizes, two Second prizes, six Third prizes and five Consolation prizes.

Previously, the Ministry of Information and Communications also issued a number of stamp sets marking the events of the UPU and the Asia-Pacific Postal Union (APPU), including stamp set celebrating the 120th anniversary of the UPU issued on August 1, 1994.

A set of stamps marking the 50th anniversary of the Asia-Pacific Postal Union (APPU) (April 1, 1962 – April 1, 2012) was also issued on April 1, 2012.