The event, hosted by the municipal government along with the Ho Chi Minh City Music Studio, featured a series of songs, dances, and performances which portray the late President as a great, warm, and friendly leader. The show depicts how President Ho sacrificed the entirety of his life for the cause of national independence, freedom and happiness for the Vietnamese nation.

A number of stories which depicted the late president’s everyday life were recounted by historical witnesses as their insights can be considered valuable lessons which offer a great resource for both present-day and future generations to study in order to follow his shining example as a national role model.

The programme was magnificently staged whilst featuring many unique artistic ideas, all of which served to highlight President Ho’s character, wonderful career, and considerate lifestyle.

A range of performances were put on by veteran artists such as Thu Hien, Ta Minh Tam, and Thanh Dien, alongside younger artists like Ho Trung Dung, Kasim Hoang Vu, and Nguyen Phi Hung.

The event also featured the participation of a number of foreign artists such as Mikael Gwilhom of France, Katerina Nguyen of Russia, along with Cuban pair Leyva Tamayo Oscar and Ares Villalba Lizbet.

“It’s our honour to participate in this special art programme. President Ho is a famous figure all around the world. Nothing is more wonderful than having the experience of standing on the stage and singing a song about the President,” said Cuban singer Ares.

The event is scheduled to air on May 19 as it coincides with the late President’s birthday.