The event is part of the Open Shorts project, which aims to offer audiences a closer and fresher look on Southeast Asian short films.

With a fine selection of new short films by young filmmakers and directors from Vietnam and Southeast Asia, Open Shorts helps connect filmmakers with film lovers and contributes to the development of a stronger young filmmakers community in the region.

Three short films will be screened, starting at 7 p.m. The film screenings will be followed by a talk with producers and directors.

“Infill and Full Set” directed by Dao Duc Hai and produced by Nha Phuong is about an illegally immigrating pregnant woman, who is stuck between the ethical boundary of being honest and being dishonest.

On one hand, she was running away from the UK immigration authorities, and on the other, ceaselessly searching for employment as a nail worker in Vietnamese-owned nail salons to support her living. Unexpected challenges and complications continuously occur to the young, pregnant woman.

The film won Best Lead Actress and Best UK Drama awards at the Oxford International Short Film Festival 2019.

“Unsteady” is a 2018 documentary by director Ta Quynh Tu, centering around Vietnamese brides in Taiwan,who have lived in an unsteady status, with no identity and not even able to accept their own children.

The film follows a Vietnamese woman in her journey helping other women regain their rights in another land.

“Unsteady” won Best Documentary award at the Vietnam Film Festival 2019.

“Ballad of Blood and Two White Buckets” by Indonesian director Yosep Anggi Noen tells the story of Ning and Mur, a couple who sell congealed animal’s blood for a living. They face a huge ordeal when people stop consuming blood due to a shift in religious beliefs. But they are sick of all hypocrites.

The film won SeaShorts Award 2019.

This event is sponsored by Purin Pictures fund. It offers free entry and is not suitable for audiences under 16 years old.