‘Chiem Doat’ is a gripping psychological thriller film that features an outstanding cast including Miu Le, Phuong Anh Dao, Lanh Thanh, Karik, Phuong Thanh, Luong Thuy Linh, and Trong Hai. Directed by Thang Vu and co-written by Tran Khanh Hoang, Choi Hyo Bi, and Kim Sang Woo, this film promises to captivate audiences.

The story revolves around a babysitter named My who starts working for a wealthy young family. As the movie progresses, the audience is taken on a thrilling journey where the deep, dark secrets of the family members are revealed. Amidst this, trust begins to form and bonds are created with My.

This film holds great significance as a groundbreaking Vietnamese production backed by KBS’ subsidiary, KBS Media, through their Vietnamese production unit, ERS Factory Company Limited. This collaboration represents a major step forward in the cooperation between the Vietnamese and South Korean cinema industries.

Notably, KBS Media has previously provided funding for ‘An Di Roi Ke,’ also known as ‘Delicious Drama Tour’ in English. This reality TV show promotes Vietnamese-South Korean culture and cuisine by featuring talented artists from both nations.