Eriksen’s life was saved when CPR was administered to him on the pitch and his heart was re-started with a defibrillator before he was taken to hospital, where he is recovering.

He will receive an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD), a small electronic device, a type of pacemaker, which can prevent fatal cardiac arrests by discharging a jolt to restore a regular heart rhythm.

“After Christian has been through different heart examinations it has been decided that he should have an ICD,” doctor Morten Boesen said in a statement.

“This device is necessary after a cardiac attack due to rhythm disturbances.

“Christian has accepted the solution and the plan has moreover been confirmed by specialists nationally and internationally who all recommend the same treatment,” Boesen said.

Denmark captain Simon Kjaer dedicated his side’s upcoming game against Belgium to Eriksen, saying football had taken a backseat for the team in the past few days.

“The only thing that is important and really matters, is that Christian is okay,” Kjaer said.

“Today, we will enter the pitch against Belgium with Christian in our hearts and thoughts… We will play for Christian, and as always for all of Denmark. That is the greatest motivation for us all.”