When it comes to Hanoi, people often think of the old quarters, the old villas with their distinctive yellow color and their very own ancient mossy features. However, today’s high-rise apartments and condominiums along with the modern rhythm of life make us temporarily forget those very unique features.

The old houses with characteristic yellow paint are the ideal shooting locations for the weekend. Besides, the street also has “very poetic” wooden doors, suitable for those who love the classic style.

Not only the typical yellow houses, there are some houses on the street that have been repainted, but still retain the very unique features of Hanoi’s old houses.

To be able to take the best photos, people can go early in the morning or in the afternoon from 16:00 to 17:00. At that time, there was still enough light and the shop was closed, few people passed by.

Another Hanoi-style destination is the Old Quarter iced tea shop. The shop has an address at 8 Hang Bun, just a few hundred meters from Phan Huy Ich street. Located in front of an old building at the intersection of the old town, the shop has an ancient and bold Hanoi character.

Visitors can easily find old houses on the streets of Hanoi. But few streets have as many different angles and styles as Phan Huy Ich Street.

This will be a suitable photography location for those who love the nostalgia and slow pace of Hanoi’s streets.

@ Saigon Tiep Thi