Singer Khanh Ly returns to grace Vietnam’s stage

For nearly 60 years, Khanh Ly has left an indelible impression on the hearts of fans. She has successfully performed hundreds of love songs, songs of love for homeland and anti-war songs by late songwriter Trinh Cong Son, all of which have had a tremendous effect on audiences at home and abroad.

Khanh Ly has recently returned to Vietnam to organize many big shows to perform for audiences in the country. She has been active in the program “Loving Arms”, combining musical performances with volunteerism to help orphans and lonely elderly people in many provinces and cities across the country.

Khanh Ly, who is famous for singing the songs of musician Trinh Cong Son.

Singer Khanh Ly performed with singer Anh Khoa in Da Nang in 2019.

Singer Khanh Ly performed with singer Elvis Phuong in Da Nang in 2019.

Young American singer Kyo York is happy when he sings with his idol, singer Khanh Ly.

Singer Khanh Ly practices in preparation for the night event “The best of Khanh Ly – Thanksgiving” in Da Nang.

Singer Khanh Ly and artists in the concert “The best of Khanh Ly – Thanksgiving” in Da Nang in October 2019.

Singer Khanh Ly performes for the admiration of Da Nang audiences.

The special voice of Khanh Ly seems to blend each word imbued with the philosophy and rich poetry of the talented musician Trinh Cong Son to create mesmerizing sounds and melodies. Khanh Ly sings Trinh’s music naturally like a storyteller but always impresses listeners with her magical and enchanting voice.

When talking about Trinh Cong Son’s music, we have to mention Khanh Ly, and the albums of her time such as Ca Khuc Da Vang (Yellow-skinned People’s Songs), Nhu Canh Vac Bay (As the Bird’s Flying Wings), Co Xot Xa Dua (The painful grass of humanity) and Ha Trang (White summer). Thousands of articles and dozens of books written about Khanh Ly and the late composer Trinh Cong Son. There are beautiful anecdotes revolving around her life and the talented musician Trinh that until now only insiders could understand.

Singer Khanh Ly visits Da Nang Cathedral.

Singer Khanh Ly attends Sunday mass at Da Nang Cathedral.

Singer Khanh Ly interacts with an audience about Trinh’s music at the cathedral in Da Nang.

Singer Khanh Ly visits orphaned children who are cared for and raised at Quang Chau Pagoda in Da Nang.

After 75 years of life and nearly 60 years of a singing career, Khanh Ly has experienced many ups and downs in both her life and career. After 1975, she left her homeland and moved to the United States with her family. Khanh Ly then returned, and was rewarded with an unforgettable reunion with thousands of fans at the first performance in Hanoi. Since then, Khanh Ly has returned many times to Vietnam, and every time she comes back, she feels loved and welcomed by the audience.

“I come back to express my gratitude toward my homeland, my loved ones, my friends, my audience and the children and the lonely elderly ones who give me this life, love me and let me sing today”.

(Singer Khanh Ly).

By Thanh Hoa