The festival, organized by the Singapore-based Odyssey Theatre (ODT) in 2004, has since been held in various countries including the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Italy, and Germany.

The event in Vietnam, co-organized by ODT and Saigon Contemporary & Ballet Dance Company (SCBC), aims to provide a platform for talented choreographers and dancers from Vietnam and around the world to come together and showcase their skills, as well as present their new works to audiences in the region and beyond.

Danny Tan, the founder and director of DanzINC and the art director of ODT, sees the festival as an opportunity for individuals to reconnect after three years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The festival will feature two captivating dance performances. On November 3, Singaporean choreographer Danny Tan will present “Paint the Galaxy”, a piece that reflects his vision of the post-pandemic world. This performance will feature ODT dancers accompanied by live music performed by two talented pianists. On November 4, Vietnamese choreographer Ha Thanh Hau will showcase “Mau” (Mother), a dance piece that explores profound themes. SCBC dancers will bring this piece to life, with support from traditional music.

Talk shows with the choreographers and dancers will also be held to provide further insights into their creative processes and inspirations. After the performances in Ho Chi Minh City, both “Paint the Galaxy” and “Mau” will be presented at the DanzINC festival in Singapore from November 5-11.