Shantira Beach Resort & Spa – typical example for cooperation between VN-US businesses

Royal Capital Group is proud to collaborate with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts with the offering of an ambitious high-class resort complex named Shantira Beach Resort & Spa in the ancient town of Hoi An.

Shantira Beach Resort & Spa - typical example for cooperation between VN-US businesses
Shantira Beach Resort & Spa, the splendid masterpiece neighboring the UNESCO World Heritage Site –  Hoi An ancient town.

The much-anticipated cooperation between Royal Capital Group and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, the world leading firm in resort/hotel management & operation services, will create a distinctive resort experience and is set to be a pioneer in the Vietnamese villa resort and condotel industry. Royal Capital sees the cooperation as a strategic move to solidify Hoi An tourism on the map of international beach holiday locations with the likes of Bora Bora, Hawaii, Santorini, St. Martin, Maldives, etc.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, along with the authorities of Hoi An ancient town, share Royal Capital’s vision of expanding the domestic tourism industry while focusing on international markets including the European Union, North America, East Asia, and ASEAN.  Shantira Beach Resort will exemplify this motive by offering a unique blend of world-class quality and local affordability.

Bringing international brands to Hoi An

Shantira Beach Resort & Spa is highly regarded as a unique resort complex in Hoi An as it meets all requirements of the international model of an “integrated resort”.

Once completed, Shantira Beach Resort will offer all of the highest standard amenities, utilities, and service systems with the utmost focus designated to every aspect of the resort from design to daily operations.

Shantira Beach Resort is designed and engineered by internationally reputable contractors with involvement from Sicart & Smith (France), Artelia (France), and Land Sculptor (Thailand). Every detail has been perfected in perfect harmony to create a synchronous resort that provides an intimate and new experience for travelers from around the globe. 

Shantira Beach Resort & Spa - typical example for cooperation between VN-US businesses
Shantira Beach Resort & Spa – an oasis of oceanfront beauty.

Inspired by the calm and peaceful waves of An Bang Beach, Shantira Beach Resort & Spa is harmoniously designed by integrating relaxing blue and white color schemes, wave-shaped condotel towers with direct ocean views, and a garden oasis of palm trees and beach beds to provide an unapparelled holiday experience.

Shantira Beach Resort & Spa prides itself on privacy and open spaces with a project density of 24% creating a beautifully balanced ensemble of nature and homeliness with the limited 497 condotel units and 69 private pools villas. 


The power of the right moment

According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Quang Nam province will be the host the National Tourism Year 2022, integrated with the 7th annual “Quang Nam – Journey of Heritage Connection” event with the ambitions of stimulating domestic tourism in the context as “new normal”.

Given Hoi An’s ideal location and potential for tourism growth, Quang Nam Province is also one of five provinces approved by the Government to be the first to receive international visitors from November 2021 as the first step of the resumption of Vietnam’s international tourism schedule.

This is a testament to the potential and attractiveness of Hoi An – Quang Nam tourism, especially in the high-end resort segment. The timely investment offerings of Shantira Beach Resort and Spa will be seen as some of the most promising opportunities for those looking to capitalize on the growth and vision of Vietnam’s tourism industry. 

Shantira Beach Resort & Spa - typical example for cooperation between VN-US businesses
Ocean view from the bedroom of the typical villa model at Shantira Beach Resort & Spa.

Shantira Beach Resort & Spa is being offered to investors with attractive preferential sales policies such as 45% share of operating profits, 20-night free stay per year at hotels within the Royal Capital Group and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts network, discounts of up to 14% on villas and 11% on condotel units. As an added incentive, the first 9 villa investors are eligible for bonus gifts such as a Toyota Vios 1.5E (worth VND 550 million) or gold bullion.

Risa Tran

Investor: Royal Capital Group

Management & operation: Wyndham Hotels & Resort

Products: Condotel & villas

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