The opening concert “Carnaval de Guitare” on November 1 will showcase special performances from the Festival Guitar Ensemble and the Saigon Guitar Quartet, as well as the Japanese duo of guitarist Toru Kobayashi and mandolinist Mai Hayashi.

Additionally, the second concert titled “East meets West” will captivate audiences with enchanting classical guitar melodies.

During the concert, four talented Japanese guitarists – Watanabe Mihoko, Kazuo Nishimoto, Etsuko Nishimoto, and Gen Matsuda – will perform classical guitar pieces by renowned composers from around the world.

The third concert, “Timeless Melodies,” will showcase outstanding performances by two master guitarists. Paulo Inda embodies the dynamism and passion of Brazil, while Gérard Abiton’s refined and talented guitar-playing style represents the charm of France.

On the final day of the Saigon International Guitar Festival 2023, the audience will have the opportunity to witness the exceptional talent of Polish female guitarist Katarzyna Smolarek and renowned Czech guitarist Leon Koudelak.

These artists will mesmerize the audience with passionate and intense Baroque music performances.

In addition, the event will feature a series of high-quality concerts that offer various valuable programs, including masterclasses, workshops, and lectures, all of which are open to visitors free of charge.

Students and music enthusiasts will have the chance to learn from and engage with esteemed classical guitar professionals, such as Brazil’s Paulo Inda, Japan’s Gen Matsuda, and the Czech Republic’s Leon Koudelak.

Moreover, those interested in classical guitar will have the opportunity to attend a lecture led by renowned Japanese luthier Yuchi Imai.