One of the highlights of the game was the fiery collision between Nguyen Van Vinh of Cantho Catfish and Kim Jisoo of Saigon Heat at the end of the second quarter.

The clash resulted in a serious injury for Kim, preventing the player from competing in the rest of the game.

Coach Matt Van Bell of Saigon Heat was even more upset when the referee announced that Kim had committed a foul as he tried to compete for the ball.

Another fierce confrontation broke out between Saigon Heat’s Daquan Bracey and Cantho Catfish’s captain Le Hieu Than in the third quarter.

During an attack attempt, Bracey accidentally hit Thanh with his arm, and the latter responded quite aggressively.

The situation ended with penalties for both players.

Daquan Bracey of Saigon Heat reacts to the referee’s decision. Photo: VBA

Daquan Bracey of Saigon Heat reacts to the referee’s decision. Photo: VBA

Bracey did not agree and had an argument with the referee, forcing his teammates to intervene.

This resulted in a technical foul for the Saigon Heat player.

Both Bracey and Thanh were required to leave the field and head to the changing room.

Bracey did not show any signs of calming down as he punched the door on his way out.

Cantho Catfish loses to Saigon Heat

Saigon Heat and Cantho Catfish battled out in Game 36 of the VBA Premier Bubble Games – Brought to you by NovaWorld Phan Thiet.

Cantho Catfish was unable to keep up with Saigon Heat due to the absence of two key players – William Tran and Jarvis Summers.

Despite the disqualification of star player Daquan Bracey, Saigon Heat was still able to easily win the game 104-82.

Joshua Keyes of Saigon Heat was named MVP with 35 points and 17 catches.

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