All of the 21 images on display were snapped by Russian photographer Vera Mazhirina during a previous visit to Vietnam. They highlight the contemporary daily life of Vietnamese fishermen and the beauty of local seas and beaches.

Mazhirina is an experienced photographer having participated in a number of photography projects in both Russia and around the world. During a visit to Vietnam several years ago when local people were celebrating the traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) festival, many unique Vietnamese traditions attracted the attention of the Russian photographer. Following the visit, she planned to return to the country in order to snap more memorable images. 

Coming back to Vietnam later, she spent the majority of her time visiting coastal fishing villages in the central region to explore and take photos featuring the daily life of local fishermen.

Travelling the length and breadth of Vietnam, she said she was inspired by the country’s unique cultural space and the beauty of beaches and seas.

“The endless beach scenery and the image of a beautiful Vietnamese girl in a traditional dress, known locally as Ao Dai, immediately caught my attention,” she noted.

Visiting the exhibition, Gennady Toluzakov, a Moscow resident, expressed how he was impressed by the images showing Vietnam’s seas and islands.

“When I look at these photos, I know what happened through the eyes of the photographer. Photos are windows to the world and they bring us closer together,” the visitor mused.