Revisiting Hanoi’s History Through Music

The Youth Theater will be presenting the highly anticipated musical, "Street Stories of Hanoi during the Subsidy Period", on the evening of October 14.


The Youth Theatre, in an effort to evoke memories of the hardships during the subsidy period, will be staging a special musical production that reflects daily life in Hanoi during the 1980s and explores the lives of its inhabitants.

During Vietnam’s subsidy regime from 1976-1986, goods were distributed through a coupon system and there was no free trade in the market or movement of goods between different areas.

The artists who star in the musical show “Street Stories during the Subsidy Period”. Photo: Ly Chi Huy

Directed and choreographed by Meritorious Artist Le Anh Tuyet, the play aims to bring back the audience’s memories of past hardships and allows them to appreciate their current circumstances.

The musical, titled “Street Stories during the Subsidy Period,” follows a four-generation family living in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. The family’s experiences, struggles, conflicts, and moments of happiness serve as a representation of the lives of people in Hanoi during that time.

Each family member has unique personalities, occupations, and interests, yet they all live together under one small roof, leading to various conflicts and humorous situations. In the end, these everyday conflicts are resolved through the power of music. Music serves as a unifying force, bringing people together, resolving conflicts, and erasing boundaries. Through the passionate dances and immersive musical performances, people come to realize that life is always beautiful, regardless of the circumstances.

The cast of the musical includes renowned artists such as Duc Long, Anh Tuyet, Ton Son, Tuan Nghia, and others.

The musical soundtrack features a combination of Hanoi-themed songs and international musical works, including “Hoa Sua” (Blackboard Flower) by Hong Dang, “Nho Mua Thu Ha Noi” (Remember Hanoi Autumn) by Trinh Cong Son, “River Babylon” by German vocal group Boney M, and more.

 The stage of the musical play. Photo: Dong Thanh Nhan