Overcoming the 526-meter-long glass bridge at Three Gorges Huangchuan, Guangdong Province, China, Bach Long Glass Bridge was awarded the certificate of “World’s Longest Walking Glass Bridge” by Guinness World Records with a total length of length is 632 m.

Mr. Glen Pollard, representative of Guinness World Records, highly appreciated this project because it was built on a cliff with strict standards but did not affect the surrounding natural landscape.

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Bach Long Glass Bridge seen from above. Photo: Reuters.

The type of glass used for the bridge is Saint Gobain tempered glass from France, including 3 layers, 40 mm thick. Under the bridge is a depth of 150 m, creating a sense of adventure. The width of the bridge deck is 2.4 m, the upper part of the cliff is 1.5 m wide.

Bach Long Glass Bridge is limited to 450 people per visit. The ticket price to experience glass bridge on weekends and holidays is 650,000 VND for adults, children 1-1.4 m tall is 450,000 VND. Ticket prices on weekdays are reduced by 100,000 VND.

Reuters suggests Bach Long glass bridge is an interesting experience for adventurous travelers. Visitors coming here will pass through two main sections of the bridge, the part going along the craggy cliffs and the part going through two mountains, finally entering the Muong Mooc cave (Chim Than cave) to see the natural stalactites.

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