The proposal mentioned in this report is part of a comprehensive plan to revive Nha Trang Bay until 2030. Prepared by the People’s Committee of Nha Trang, a well-known beach city in the south-central region, this report aims to gather input and feedback from various agencies regarding the reopening of swimming and diving activities in Nha Trang Bay, including the Hon Mun island area.

To ensure the protection of the coral reef ecosystem, the report suggests that the diving site be exclusively accessible to professional divers with international diving certificates. The management board, under the municipal administration, will be responsible for monitoring and regulating the number of tourists to prevent overcrowding.

Additionally, the report recommends the continued closure of other diving sites at Hon Mun Nature Reserve until further notice, in order to safeguard the coral reefs. The Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang City will conduct assessments and surveys to evaluate the condition of the coral reefs at the reserve and determine the feasibility of reopening the diving sites.

Local diving service providers in Nha Trang City believe that the resumption of swimming and scuba diving operations will attract divers to the tourist destination. However, they emphasize the importance of implementing effective measures to balance tourism and preservation.

Last year, the management board of Nha Trang Bay suspended sea leisure activities, including diving, at the Hon Mun Island area due to coral bleaching, damage, and decline. As an alternative, a temporary diving site was opened northeast of Hon Rom Island, but with limited capacity.

Recent surveys conducted at Hon Mun Nature Reserve indicated a coral coverage of 74.5 percent in the north and southwest areas of Hon Mun Island, which falls within the good range of 51-75 percent. However, a storm in December 2021 caused destruction to coral reefs in the northwestern and western parts of the island, requiring them to undergo a recovery process.

Hon Mun Island, located over 10 kilometers from the shore, spans an area of 160 square kilometers. With its diverse coral reefs and rich marine ecosystem, it is considered one of the most captivating islands off the coast of Nha Trang.

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