Officials, representatives of cultural organizations, and artisans stressed the importance of artisans in preserving, teaching, creating, and promoting the values of folk arts and intangible cultural heritage. They recognized the vital role that artisans play in protecting and enhancing the cultural values and strength of the Vietnamese people, including Hanoians, in order to meet the demand for sustainable development of the country.

Tran Thi Van Anh, deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, highlighted the financial support provided by the city to People’s Artisans and Meritorious Artisans, with a total support amount of VND 3.59 billion (US$147,200) being distributed among them. Additionally, district-level authorities have assisted in the establishment of exemplary intangible cultural heritage clubs, which receive an initial amount of VND 50 million and an annual aid of VND 20 million for their activities. The city has also offered financial assistance to artisans for the teaching of intangible cultural heritage to younger generations.

All of these measures aim to incentivize artisans to continue preserving, passing down, and promoting the values of heritage, as stated by the official.