Recipe of Vietnam’s Rainbow sweet dessert

Rainbow sweet dessert (Chè sương sa hột lựu) is a perfect combination of gentle sweetness and moderately fatty taste, bringing diners the feeling of enjoying a light beverage.


Photo: Savoury Days


A. The rainbow agar-agar

– 200gr of water chestnut

– 250gr of tapioca starch

– 100gr of green bean

– Natural ingredients to colorize the agar-agar: beetroots for red, pandan leaves for green,…

– 70gr of white sugar

– A package of ready-made grass jelly, Cao Bang jelly, or glass jelly flour, which can be found in most Vietnamese markets.

B. The green bean paste

– 100gr of green bean

– 100ml of coconut milk

– 80gr of white sugar (or adjust to taste)

– 3 tbsp of tapioca starch with coconut flavor

C. The coconut cream

– 200ml of canned coconut milk

– 3 tbsp of tapioca starch with coconut flavor

– 20gr of white sugar

– 1/4 tsp of salt

– 15gr of tapioca starch

– 20ml of drinking water

Photo: VN Express


A. The rainbow agar-agar

– Peel the water chestnut and cut it into evenly square cubes

– Ground each colorizing ingredient apart and to get its juice

– Put each part of the cut water chestnut into a bowl of each colorizing ingredient juice, separately.

– As the colors absorb into the water chestnut, take the water chestnut out of the juice and leave it out to dry

– Pour all tapioca starch prepared to make the agar-agar into a big bowl, then put water chestnut of each color in, mix well to make sure all water chestnut cubes are evenly covered in tapioca starch

– Pour the mixture into a cooking basket to leave out the excess starch

– Boil the water chestnut, then put the hard-boiled ones into a bowl of ice water to cool down

B. The grass jelly

– You can use either market-bought grass jelly, Cao Bang jelly, or home-make your own grass jelly by following the recipe printed on the grass jelly flour covers.

– Cut the jelly into small cubes

C. The green bean paste

– Clean the bean and soak with water for at least 2 hours

– Boil the bean with 400ml of water

– After the bean is hard boiled, add sugar, coconut mil, tapioca starch with coconut flavor into the pot, give it a quick stir and turn off the heat

– Finely ground the mixture

– Put the mixture back into the pot and cook for some more minutes so that the mixture gets thicken. You can turn off the heat whenever you are satisfied with the thickness.

– After turning off the heat, leave the paste to cool down

D. The coconut cream

– Mix all the prepared ingredients into a big pot, cook with low heat until boiling, then turn off the heat and leave the mixture to cool down.

Photo: Gia Thanh

When serving the dish, you should choose a simple bowl then put each of all the prepared parts above into the bowl, together with some finely smashed ice. The rainbow sweet desserts can stay fresh for up to 2 days if stored in the refrigerator.