Organised by the Library Department under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the launch ceremony features the participation of To Hoang Secondary School students, Hanoi Culture University students and a large number of book-loving readers.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Pham Quoc Hung, Director of the Library Department, Head of the Competition Organising Committee said that since 2019, with an average of nearly one million entries per year, the Reading Culture Ambassador Contest has become a forum for students to participate enthusiastically.

“The contest has ignited the love of reading in the younger generation, along with many of their aspirations and intentions – the “ambassadors” spreading the reading culture right from their families, schools and communities.”, he added.

The Organising Board will present four “Outstanding Reading Culture Ambassador” titles, eight A, 16 B, 52 C and 180 consolation prizes at a ceremony scheduled for November. The board will also award prizes to collectives with the largest number of entrants and winning entries.

With the theme “Aspiration for national development”, the Reading Culture Ambassador Contest introduces new sets of exam questions to promote the thinking ability and creativity of candidates. Besides, in addition to the usual form of writing or video contests, this year students have many more forms to choose from, such as painting, composing poetry, short stories, plays about the love of books and especially reading culture.

As for this year’s online book introduction contest, the theme “Books and Aspirations to Dedication” aims to help contestants build introductory videos about inspirational books, and spread knowledge, arousing their desire to make a positive contribution to society. The competition consists of a preliminary round and a final round. The preliminary round is also organised into two stages to increase the chances of participation for more contestants.

Pham Quoc Hung also emphasised that 2022 is the first year that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism cooperated with the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organising and expanding the contest on the composition of contestants in the community of 5.3 million Vietnamese people abroad.

Nguyen Minh Phuong, 2021 Reading Culture Ambassador, at the launch ceremony.

At the ceremony, Alpha Books gave books to the libraries of Thai Nguyen province, Lai Chau province and the library of To Hoang Secondary School, Hanoi.