Quang Ninh’s vision as an international tourist hub

Considered a miniature of Vietnam, the northeastern coastal province of Quang Ninh has major tourism potential. Its strategic decision to shift from brown growth to green growth has given strong impetus to developing tourism and services as key economic sectors.

quang ninhs vision as an international tourist hub
Quang Ninh’s tourism has undergone significant improvements

Strong changes

In 2012 and 2016, the Communist Party Committee of Quang Ninh Province promulgated two important resolutions to promote long-term tourism development in a sustainable manner. These include Resolution 07-NQ-TU on Quang Ninh’s tourism development in the 2013-2020 period, with an orientation towards 2030, and Resolution 02-NQ/TU on service development in the province in the 2016-2020 period, with an orientation towards 2030. A Master Plan for Quang Ninh Province’s Socioeconomic Development until 2020, with a vision towards 2030, has also been worked out, aiming to turn Quang Ninh into a modern service and industrial hub, an international tourism center, and one of the driving forces for economic growth in the northern region and the country as a whole.

The measures that Quang Ninh has taken in the spirit of the two resolutions and the master plan have enabled the province to change its growth model quickly.

quang ninhs vision as an international tourist hub
The province has put major tourism projects into operation

According to the provincial tourism department, the local tourism sector has achieved good initial results in building brands and images, and created stable jobs for tens of thousands of workers, significantly contributing to Quang Ninh’s socioeconomic development. In 2019, the province welcomed about 14 million visitors including more than 5.7 million foreign tourists.

The Quang Ninh Tourism Department attributed these achievements to the province’s efforts to bring into play its potential and advantages for tourism development as well as to intensify and improve state management in this sector. The provincial government has formulated tourism development plans and provided guidelines for changing the awareness of residents, businesses and local authorities of the role of tourism. Notably, the province has mobilized various resources from the state budget and investors to upgrade the infrastructure for tourism and services’ development.

In 2018, the province put into operation major projects to facilitate tourism development. These include the Hai Phong-Ha Long Highway, Bach Dang Bridge, Van Don International Airport, and Hon Gai International Passenger Terminal. Along with investing in infrastructure, the provincial tourism sector has concentrated on utilizing the advantages of dynamic areas such as Ha Long, Van Don and Mong Cai. Major tourism projects have attracted strategic investors, such as Sun Group, Vin Group and FLC, reshaping different parts of Quang Ninh Province, such as Mong Cai, Van Don, Co To, Quang Yen, Uong Bi and Dong Trieu.

New expectations

quang ninhs vision as an international tourist hub
Quang Ninh is accelerating its efforts to reach the goal of becoming an international tourist hub

Based on its infrastructure, the province has developed four major forms of tourism: maritime and island tourism, cultural and spiritual tourism, community tourism and border tourism.

So far, Quang Ninh has been recognized as home to 91 tourist sites. The province has also built linkages between managers, tourist sites and travel firms to create tours from Dong Trieu to Mong Cai, and invested in shopping centers where tourists can buy souvenirs and local products. Currently, there are 45 recognized tourist service businesses in the province, including 19 shopping venues, 25 restaurants and one entertainment business. Apart from these, the province also has 1,379 tourist accommodation facilities with 25,488 rooms, including seven five-star hotels, and 21 four-star hotels.

According to the Quang Ninh Tourism Department, the province has resolved problems related to travel business, the quality of accommodation facilities and tour guides to create a healthy environment for tourism. Adequate attention has been paid to tourism promotion and advertising activities to attract visitors to Quang Ninh, especially from major foreign markets such as China, Northeast Asia, ASEAN, Europe, Russia, North America and the Middle East, focusing on tourists with high spending capacity. At the same time, the province also pays attention to attracting domestic visitors from other parts of the country.

Although it has achieved successful results, the provincial tourism sector still faces numerous difficulties. However, with its world renowned landscapes, most familiar among them Ha Long Bay, adequate tourism infrastructure and policies to promote tourism development, Quang Ninh’s tourism is expected to continue thriving so that the province can achieve its goal of becoming an international tourism center and welcome 50 million visitors by 2030.

To develop tourism as a key economic sector that accounts for a growing percentage of the gross regional domestic product (GRDP), Quang Ninh Province has adopted a strategy of investment attraction and accelerated planning to upgrade tourism infrastructure, while at the same time applying suitable tourism management policies.

Hoa Quynh