The festival aims to preserve and promote the cultural, culinary, and tourism values of Quang Nam province. Its purpose is to develop the region’s cultural and culinary brands and enhance its reputation as a unique and appealing destination for both domestic and international tourists.

The event will also stimulate tourism demand and contribute to the recovery of the tourism industry, as well as the socio-economic development of the locality.

Various activities will take place during the festival, including an exhibition showcasing One Commune One Product (OCOP) items from different localities and food stalls featuring traditional cuisine from Quang Nam province.

Additionally, there will be a space dedicated to introducing cultural and tourism products, as well as traditional handcrafts from local craft villages.

Notably, the event will feature demonstrations by 26 renowned artisans and culinary experts, showcasing 26 typical traditional dishes of Quang Nam.

Furthermore, a famtrip program will be organized to allow visitors to explore the unique cuisine and ecotourism sites of the central province.