The project clearly emphasises that so far, Vietnam Cinema has successfully organised 21 Vietnam National Film Festivals, five Hanoi International Film Festivals and hundreds of Vietnamese Film Festivals/Weeks across various continents.

Under the project, in addition to the annual Vietnam Film Festivals and Hanoi International Film Festivals, various thematic film festivals/weeks will be held to encourage the development of domestic cinema.

Meanwhile, a wide range of Vietnamese film festivals in foreign countries will contribute to celebrating the diplomatic ties between Vietnam and other nations, contributing to promoting Vietnamese cinema and the image of the country to international friends.

Specifically, the Vietnam Film Festival will be held biennially alternately in the provinces and cities directly under the control of central government. The Hanoi International Film Festival will take place biennially in the capital city.

The relevant agencies will develop plans for thematic and special film festivals both in the country and abroad, depending on the scale, participants and places.