The event was held jointly by the Military Broadcasting Centre of Vietnam People’s Army and Tuoi Tre Thu Do (Capital Youth) Newspaper, along with other relevant agencies.

Various famous artists, such as My Linh, Trong Tan, Viet Hoa, Ngoc Son, My Dung and Thanh Long, joined the programme without remuneration.

The programme was divided into two parts, with the first featuring songs about the central region and the second highlighting Vietnamese people’s dreams and sharings towards a more prosperous life.

During the programme, documentary videos spotlighting theseverity of the natural disasters that caused severe damages in the central provinces as well as the heroic sacrifices of soldiers while implementing their missions to help flood-hit areas were also screened.

At the event, around 500 philanthropists contributed donations to help people who lost their relatives, houses and assets due to floods.

The donations will continue to be mobilised until the end of November.