Programme invites youngsters to explore Vietnam’s heritages

NDO – A programme entitled ‘Travelling to the Root – Experiencing Vietnam’s intangible cultural heritages’ was launched by the Hanoi Cultural Fund on August 18.


The programme will invite students who are living and studying in Hanoi to take in tours to five traditional craft villages: Me Tri young sticky rice making village, Bat Trang pottery village, Thach Xa bamboo dragonflies making village, Dao Thuc water puppetry village, and Dong Ho painting village.

The participants will have an opportunity to explore the history, cultural and artistic values of the traditional products, as well as learn how villagers promote and uphold the crafts in the age of mass production.

They will then make proposals and propose solutions to boost the development of the craft villages.

Heritage site tours are scheduled to start on August 20 and run through September 24.

The programme, the second of its kind, aims to provide students in the city with experiences of Vietnam’s intangible cultural heritages to promote the value of the country’s legacies and tourism to people at home and abroad.

In the 2015 edition, youngsters had a chance to look into the capital’s traditional festivals; water puppetry; Chuong village of “non la” (the traditional conical hat) and Xuan La village of “to he” (a traditional toy made from rice powder); and folk music, including ‘Xam’ (ancient folk songs performed by blind beggars), ‘Ca Tru’ (ceremonial singing), and ‘Chau Van’ (ritual singing).