The German edition of “Diary in Prison” was translated from Chinese by German Dr. Erhard Scherner and his wife Helga Scherner.

The first German edition of President Ho Chi Minh’s poem collection made debut in late 1975 – early 1976.

In this edition, Dr. Erhard Scherner and his wife have further improved the translation with the aspiration of helping German readers learn more about President Ho Chi Minh, an outstanding revolutionary, a national hero and a cultural celebrity.

At the launching ceremony of the book, many German friends shared about their sentiments for Uncle Ho and recalled their memories of participation in the donation activities to support Vietnam and the movements to protest against the war in Vietnam.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Nguyen Minh Vu expressed his sincere thanks to Dr. Scherner and his wife for their enthusiasm in their translation of the “Diary in Prison” into German.

The Ambassador affirmed that Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts are still valuable today, becoming the guideline for the direction of the Communist Party of Vietnam, as well as all fields of economy, culture and diplomacy.

At the ceremony, German actress Doreen Kähler recited the poems by President Ho Chi Minh in German; meanwhile, artist Dao Xuan Phuong performed several Vietnamese pieces with bamboo flute and monochord.